The Many Paths to Recovery

There’s more than one way to get sober. Read on to learn more about the different communities and methods available in helping you achieve recovery.

The Many Paths to Recovery

Overdoses have reached the tens of thousands in countries like the US, and only a fraction of those addicted to drugs and alcohol are receiving the help they need. Those struggling with substance abuse are increasingly seeking out innovative, holistic approaches to reclaiming their lives.

Compare Thai Rehabs has a strong history of pointing clients toward unique programmes that incorporate mindfulness, mental health support and physical exercise into their journeys toward recovery. Another important resource is now available: a comprehensive collection of methods toward achieving a clean life, entitled Multiple Pathways of Recovery: A Guide for Individuals and Families.

This recently published work highlights traditional approaches to confronting addiction, like inpatient and outpatient treatment, cognitive behavioural therapy and medication-assisted recovery. Also included are holistic therapies, natural recovery, family recovery and peer-based support groups.

An area that incorporates a significant number of methods is the work of mutual aid groups focused on recovery—of which 12-step groups are one of eight treatment communities. Others include Women for Sobriety, Moderation Management and SMART Recovery.

The practices outlined in the full story here can be combined and tailored to an individual’s needs and challenges. If you are ready to try a new route toward recovery, Thailand offers an extensive choice of luxurious and affordable rehab facilities dedicated to providing high-quality and innovative residential treatment. Contact us to learn more about Thailand’s best rehabs.