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#1 The Cabin Chiang Mai

Licensed by the Thai Ministry of Public Health, The Cabin Chiang Mai is one of only two purpose-built rehabs in the world. The Cabin’s international presence includes outpatient addiction treatment centers in Bangkok, Hong Kong, Singapore, Melbourne and Sydney. Affordable, high-quality treatment takes place in a secluded facility situated in the tranquil mountains of Northern Thailand. Clients stay in private and comfortable suites on impressive grounds with breathtaking views, all of which combine to give the feeling of a high-end, luxury hotel.

The Cabin prides itself on the effectiveness of their own uniquely designed treatment program with an impressive completion rate of 96% (above the standard for the industry). Their program incorporates a modernized and non-religious version of the 12 Steps combined with cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) to suit a wide and diverse clientele. The Cabin has an on-site hospital with full detox capabilities and a full-time, English-speaking psychiatrist on staff to monitor any medical concerns and treat co-occurring mental illnesses. A psychiatric evaluation is part of every treatment in order to ensure that each client receives the most effective treatment for their condition. Mindfulness is also an important part of the treatment program at The Cabin, guided by certified mindfulness coaches.

Professionally recognized worldwide, The Cabin’s directors frequent conferences and speak often on their state-of-the-art treatment method which includes a specialized trauma program and hands-on, long-term aftercare both online and/or in the client’s home city. Those enrolled in The Cabin’s program look forward to weekly adventurous outings such as elephant riding, bamboo rafting or zip-lining. At The Cabin, every client’s lifelong recovery is of utmost importance.

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#2 Dara Rehab

DARA (Drug & Alcohol Rehab Asia)DARA (Drug & Alcohol Rehab Asia) has two beautiful locations in Thailand. One sits on the tropical island of Koh Chang, with private ocean view, garden view or pool view rooms available. The second location lays in the sleepy, rural town of Chanthaburi, famous for tropical fruits, seafood and colourful gemstones.

Dara Koh Chang employs the Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) techniques exclusively whilst the Chanthaburi facilities utilise the 12 Steps method of treatment with a focus on spirituality over religion. They claim to aim for each person who enters the 12 Step programme to ‘experience a spiritual awakening’ and offer four, eight or twelve week programmes which is pretty standard across the board.

DARA does not have a specialised trauma programme. The aftercare programme at DARA offers online support, as well as an opportunity for a complementary ‘tune up’ once a year which consists of 5 days at the rehab in Thailand to re-address their tools for recovery. However, other options offered for aftercare treatment will come at an extra cost.

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#3 The Edge

The Edge is a specialized rehab facility for treating addiction and behavioral issues in young men. As an affiliate of The Cabin Addiction Services Group, The Edge utilizes the same comprehensive addiction treatment method as The Cabin Chiang Mai in conjunction with intense physical activities including: Muay Thai Boxing, triathlon training and wilderness excursions.  Targeted at men aged 18 to 28, The Edge’s revolutionary program was specifically designed to be engaging for male youth and to inspire them to create positive change in their lives, especially in instances where previous recovery attempts have failed. Participants at later stages of treatment are given the opportunity to ‘give back’ by leading events within the community and mentoring other young men within the program.

In addition to addiction treatment, The Edge offers assessment and treatment for trauma, behavioral problems and co-occurring mental health issues. The Edge program consists of a minimum of 28 days stay at the rehab facility and offers an extensive aftercare program with an option to transition to a sober house, as well as compulsory continuing care requiring participation in 8 weeks of group counseling sessions via video chat (free of charge) and the option for continued one-on-one counseling sessions. The Edge offers further aftercare through any of the Cabin Addiction Services Group’s outpatient centers around the globe.

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#4 Lanna Rehab

Lanna RehabLanna Rehab is an inpatient drug addiction rehab located just south of Chiang Mai in northern Thailand. It claims to offer an “advanced treatment” programme “unlike any other in Thailand or anywhere else in the world.” It emphasises providing its clients with a luxurious environment that supports the holistic healing of body, mind and spirit, unlike more clinical addiction treatment programmes in the west.

The newest to open in Thailand (March 2016), Lanna Rehab has an experienced alcohol and drug treatment team with and a programme that includes one-on-one and group sessions using Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT), Psycho-Educational Training, 12-Step and Mindfulness Training, dual diagnosis therapy, and an intervention program developed to help get addicts into treatment. Lanna Rehab also offers physical training and other outdoor activities.

While Lanna Rehab does not offer a specific ‘continuing care’ programme to clients who have completed their residential treatment, it does have a secondary facility located on the main property where clients can stay temporarily while readying to go back home.

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#5 Inspire Rehab Center

Inspire Rehab Center

Inspire Rehab Center, located in Bangkok, offers clients inpatient drug and alcohol rehab as well as outpatient counselling services for addiction and related mental health issues.

Its small team of two U.S. licensed counsellors utilizes a mixture of daily group therapy, one-on-one counselling, Narcotics Anonymous and Alcoholics Anonymous principles, smart recovery, 12-Step, fitness and recreation, mindfulness training, and art therapy methods, among others, for the treating of depression, anxiety, PTSD, ADHD, bipolar disorder as well alcoholism and other drug addictions. Inspire does not stress using any specific treatment method but rather “introduces” different ones to clients, for they “don’t believe it is helpful to force something on someone if they are opposed to it.”

Unlike many quality rehabs, Inspire, located in urban Bangkok, appears not to stress the importance of environment on a person’s therapy and long-term recovery. Inspire does not advertise specifics about the living (or overall therapy) arrangements it offers beyond that they include “clean, practical facilities to achieve a full recovery” for up to 10 clients at a time.

Once clients complete their nearly one-month program, Inspire has available a “halfway house” that allows for preparatory transition to an addiction-free lifestyle, and an aftercare program involving Skype counselling sessions.

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Tel. +66 (0) 80-609-9976

#6 Seasons Thailand

Seasons Thailand – founded by the owner of The Hader Clinic in Melbourne, Australia – is located in the outskirts of Chiang Mai, at a secluded riverside location. Clients at Seasons receive private accommodation during their treatment programme, which has been in development since 1997.

The treatment programme at Seasons addresses the physical, social, psychological, emotional and spiritual aspects of addiction through educational group sessions, motivational interviewing practices, cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT), mindfulness, the 12 Steps and more. Transitional and outpatient care, as well as a family programme and bespoke one-on-one programme, are also available.

Outside of treatment, Seasons offers physical training, outdoor activities and weekly excursions. However, clients only have access to two fitness sessions and one individual counselling session per week, which may prove insufficient for some.

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