5 Benefits of Luxury Rehab

Luxury rehab facilities offer a higher calibre of addiction treatment and a range of extra benefits that make the transition to recovery more comfortable and sustainable.

While weighing the prospects of entering addiction rehab, you’re likely to consider one of two very distinct types of facilities. The first is a barebones rehab centre with hospital-style beds and grim corridors bathed in fluorescent light. Everything about a centre like this – from the décor to the demeanours of the patients receiving treatment – is bleak and depressing.

The other type of rehab facility you’re likely to encounter is much more well-appointed. It has all the trappings of a five-star resort, complete with spa facilities, luxury furnishings and the most peacefully serene grounds you could possibly imagine. This is where one imagines A-list celebrities, hedge fund managers and other top earners checking in when they need to get clean.

While the latter is the type that anyone would prefer if they had to go to rehab, many people assume that they simply couldn’t afford it. This, combined with their understandable reluctance to subject themselves to the bleaker option, means they’re likely to skip out on rehab altogether.

But it doesn’t have to be that way.

In reality, there are luxurious rehabs found in Thailand where you can enjoy treatment fit for a millionaire at a surprisingly modest price point. Here are some of the benefits you could enjoy at one of these luxury rehab centres:

1. Excellent Staff-to-client Ratio

A favourable staff-to-client ratio is extremely important in Thailand, but the sad reality is that most rehab centres lack the funding to provide their clients with the level of service and attention that getting clean and sober requires. When you opt for luxury service, you may end up paying a bit more, but the higher level of attention you receive could make all the difference. And in places like Thailand, where the exchange rates are favourable for most visitors, the amount you pay for luxury service is likely to be significantly less than expected.

2. World-class Treatment

Lack of proper funding means that many lower-tier rehabs simply aren’t able to attract the level of talent and expertise they need to offer truly world-class addiction treatment. Luxury rehabs, on the other hand, generally offer the best treatment currently available. They can afford to be selective in terms of who they hire, and their clients benefit immensely as a direct result.

3. Peripheral Activities

Lower-tier rehab centres often feel sterile and clinical in nature. They’re more akin to a government-run hospital – and they typically operate in less-than-stunning facilities. Opposite this, a luxury rehab is likely to occupy a prime location with a host of peripheral activities that clients can enjoy while they are working on their sobriety. Some may offer yoga or Pilates classes; others may host excursions into the surrounding countryside and introduce clients to activities like rock climbing, kayaking or diving. In every case, these peripheral activities contribute to a smoother transition into a life in recovery. By the time you return home, you may even have discovered a new hobby, pastime or even a passion to further explore.

4. Resort-like Atmosphere

People often view recovery as an exercise in Spartan living – as if the only way to get clean and sober is to deny yourself of comfort and pleasure while going through detox. But the reality is that there’s nothing wrong with indulging in a few creature comforts while in rehab, and the most luxurious options deliver in spectacular fashion. Guests are housed in private quarters with resort-like fixtures and furnishings. On-site chefs prepare delectable cuisine, and the facility itself is equipped with generous features to ensure guest comfort throughout.

5. Location, Location, Location

A premium rehab centre can be more selective in terms of where they operate. They’re often located in truly stunning surroundings – such as on a resort-like complex in a naturally beautiful location. In fact, many luxury rehabs are found in places one would likely choose to visit on holiday, regardless of whether they were seeking rehab treatment. Basing yourself in an idyllic location makes the process easier to complete treatment successfully. The peace of mind that this engenders is highly beneficial to anyone receiving undertaking life changes.

Let Compare Thai Rehabs Help You Select the Best Luxury Rehab

The addiction treatment process doesn’t have to take place in a plush environment to be effective, but the level of service and quality of treatment you receive at luxury rehab can make all the difference in your recovery. Anything that makes getting sober easier only going to benefit the process.

Best of all, Thailand is a highly affordable travel destination, meaning that luxury treatment does not come with a luxury price tag. To learn more, have a look at our full comparison of Thailand’s best rehabs here, and start planning your path to a new life in recovery.