5 Awesome Discoveries that Come with Sober Dating

Living life alcohol free doesn’t have to be a dating deal-breaker. Find out what you gain in your relationships when you cut out the drinking.

5 Awesome Discoveries that Come with Sober Dating

Whether it’s a choice for health or for recovery, an increasing number of people are cutting alcohol out of their lives. One challenge that can follow is learning how to navigate the world of dating without being able to say, “Hey, wanna go for a drink?”

A new report by Glamour dives into just how dating, sans booze, can be exciting, fulfilling and even better than going out with new people with the help of a buzz. Read on to learn what you can uncover about yourself and future partners when armed with the clarity that comes with sobriety.

1. You’ll find there are so many other things to do than drink.

Not all dates have to be centred on sharing cocktails or beers. While meeting for coffee is a comfortable alternative, sober dating veterans recommend thinking outside the box. “I think it’s fun to grab coffee, but also to go on a hike or meet at a walking trail. Go to a museum. Go people-watch at a public area and just get to know each other,” a three-years-sober woman in her 30s told Glamour.

2. You’ll know better if someone is right for you.

It’s up to you to decide whether to be up front and put the fact that you don’t drink in your online dating profile, or to simply say that you “just don’t” indulge or that alcohol doesn’t agree with you. But once you get this disclosure out of the way, you can focus on whether you really have chemistry with the person that you’re out with and if you want to spend more time with them.

3. Your decisions about sex will be smarter.

Once you’re sober, choosing to be intimate will be something intentional, not something that just ‘happens’ when your inhibitions are lowered because you’re buzzed. Kelly Fitzgerald, who chronicles her life as ‘The Sober Senorita’, explains that through sobriety, she learned more about consent. “I also learned I never have to have sex unless I want to. I am allowed to say no whenever I want,” she said.

4. You’ll develop legitimate confidence.

This doesn’t happen overnight. But because you’re sleeping with someone when you’re actually ready to, the sober you will be more likely to listen to yourself and your body—which builds positivity. “Once feelings are involved and I know someone actually cares about me, my confidence has a better chance of seeing the light of day,” said one 33-year-old sobriety advocate.

5. Your connections will have more meaning.

When you’re sober, you’re making the conscious decision to be vulnerable with someone and to open yourself to the possibility of a relationship. Because of this, the chances are that the physical connection you will share will also be more emotionally fulfilling than the one you’d have when you drunkenly stumble into bed together. When you’re sober, you’re alert and present—and this is the state of mind in which you can truly feel and make memories.

Be the best version of yourself—for you and your partner.

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