Special Joint Operation Rescues Children from Drug-Addicted Parents in Malaysia

Children Explotied
A joint operation found children ranging from infants to teens were drugged regularly, neglected, or homeless due to their parents’ substance abuse. Malaysian authorities intervene on their behalf. In an article from The New Straits Times, a spokesman for Malaysia’s Welfare Department described dire situations where children were used by their parents to obtain cash. It ...
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New Hope for Dhaka’s Glue-Addicted Street Children

Selling scraps of garbage to get by, many of Dhaka’s nearly 250,000 street children sniff glue to cope with their circumstances. One organisation is dedicated to giving them new hope for the future. While a handful of non-governmental organisations in the Bangladeshi capital of Dhaka work to assist the city’s quarter-million street children, only one is dedicated specifi...
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Celebs Get Real About Mental Health Struggles

Which pop singers, actors and models have recently opened up about grappling with depression, anxiety and addiction? The list might surprise you. In the last year, more than 20 celebrities took to social media to speak out about their battles with depression, post-traumatic stress disorder, anxiety and addiction. BuzzFeed recently comprised a comprehensive list of who...
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