These 6 Sobriety Apps Can Help You Get and Stay Sober

Your smartphone can be an invaluable tool when it comes to beating any kind of alcohol or substance abuse disorder.  Here are six sobriety apps that could help you make a full and successful recovery. 

It is estimated that more than a billion people around the world are using healthcare apps to improve and enrich their everyday lives. Among these is an ever-growing choice of innovative sobriety apps that are using the latest technologies to offer help, support and a range of clever tools to assist you in recovery.

Whether you are just starting out or you are well along the road to beating your addiction, check out these six sobriety apps that have already helped millions of people around the world get and stay sober:

Sober Tool

Sober Tool has been around for a few years now and it is still going strong. With a firm focus on rewards and relapse prevention, this is a handy companion for anyone in recovery. Its central feature is a sobriety counter that calculates how long you have been clean and how much money it has saved you. You will receive regular “rewards” and motivational messages to help keep you on track, with the option to share your thoughts and feelings on the app’s community forum if you are in need of outside support.

Platforms: iTunes | Android

The Mindfulness App

While not exclusively aimed at those in recovery, this massively successful meditation aid is used by millions of people in more than 130 different countries. Mindfulness therapy can be a key part of successful recovery from substance abuse disorders and this app is the perfect tool to get you started. Not only does mindfulness help you find inner peace, it is an effective tool in successfully dealing with cravings as they occur. The free initial download provides you with everything you need to get started with a “five-day guided practice and introduction to mindfulness”, while premium subscriptions allow access to hundreds of meditations and courses.

Platforms: iTunes | Android

Sober Grid

Sober Grid addresses one of the greatest challenges for those in recovery: Loneliness. Giving up alcohol or drugs for good can have profound effects on your social life. Your old haunts, friends and acquaintances can often be off limits as you take the first steps in recovery. Sober Grid is a social network specifically for people who do not drink or take drugs. While not everyone in this fast-growing community is in recovery, many are. The app allows you to connect with likeminded people wherever you are in the world with a range of standard networking features including chat, groups and a newsfeed. Other functions such as ‘Need a Ride’ and a relapse alert button allow users to support and help each other through the recovery process.

Platforms: iTunes | Android


recoveryBox is all about keeping you accountable as you recover from just about any kind of addiction you can imagine. It also lets loved ones, sponsors and counsellors know how you are doing every day.  This sobriety app works on a lights system (green, orange, red) that allows you to record your healthy, risky or unhealthy behavior so you can get an overall picture of your progress and identify potentially risky situations. Highly customizable, recoveryBox allows you to set goals and celebrate your recovery as you go.

Platform: iTunes

12 Steps AA Companion

First developed in 2008, this is one of the oldest addiction recovery apps around and is still one of the best. This is an excellent app to have on your device even if you have never attended an AA meeting. Features such as a sobriety calculator and a notes tool give it universal appeal, while the full ‘Big Book’ and extensive contacts list make it a must-have for AA members.

Platforms: iTunes | Android


Flipd is an excellent app if you are struggling with Internet addiction or simply want to reduce your screen time. Smartphone and Internet addiction have emerged as serious issues in recent years, with some potentially serious side effects. If you are not quite ready or are unable to do a complete digital detox, Flipd offers some useful tools to help you reduce your screen time.  Full Lock allows you to hide all distracting apps and notifications for a time of your choosing while keeping essential tools like email and phone calls open. Casual Lock allows you more control over your apps and phone use while giving you clear productivity goals. Even if you want to go smartphone-free for just an hour or two a day, Flipd can be an effective tool in recovery from smartphone addiction.

Platforms: iTunes | Android

Recovery from any substance abuse disorder is a complex process, but very often the key to success is to get help and support anywhere you can. When combined with quality addiction treatment, sobriety apps can help you beat your cravings, keep track of your progress and support a full and successful recovery.

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